• Casa do Ribeirinho - 100 anos de história e arquitectura rústica e acolhedora
  • Restaurante Polo Norte - Peixe ou Marisco com vista mar
  • Ribeira da Janela no Porto Moniz
  • Campo & Mar - Uma casa acolhedora para as suas férias
  • Casa do Ribeirinho

    100 years of history, rustic and cozy architecture.
  • Polo Norte Restaurant

    A typical meal of fish and seafood with a seaview.
  • The perfect location

    Ribeira da Janela just a step away from Porto Moniz, don't miss it!
  • Campo&Mar Porto Moniz

    A welcoming home prepared for all your needs.

Moniztur is the place of excellence to plan your Porto Moniz holidays, all you need to know from: where to stay, to what to do and where to eat.

Moniztur Hospitality and Tourism is your partner in the north coast of Madeira, with a comprehensive offer that includes: restaurants and catering as well as several Local Housing options like 1 bedroom apartments, and vacation houses.We also offer touristic entertainment options such as jeep rides, walking tours, canyoning, in an effort to provide you with a complete and real experience of Porto Moniz.

We also provide Rent-a-car and transfer services.

In the restaurant area we have the Polo Norte Restaurant, open since 1986, this was the first restaurant in Porto Moniz, a project developed by a family from Porto Moniz. Learn more about Polo Norte Restaurant here.

Porto Moniz: the natural beauty of the north coast of Madeira

Located in the north side of Madeira, Porto Moniz is 35 minutes from Funchal and 50 minutes from the airport. It is made up of 4 parishes: Achadas da Cruz, Porto Moniz, Ribeira da Janela and Seixal and stretchs for 82 km2.
Porto Moniz is a quiet place with rustic and welcoming architecture. The perfect option if you're looking for a welcoming country environment for you and your family.
Here you can enjoy fresh air, and the mountain and sea surrounding you with lovely scenery. This is a lovely holiday destination.
In Porto Moniz you'll also find the famous natural pools, perfect to enjoy a day at the beach with family or friends. And the biggest area of protected Laurissilva forest in the World.

The name "Porto Moniz" comes from the first settlers: Francisco Moniz married to D. Filipa da Câmara, granddaughter of João Gonçalves Zarco, responsible for the colonization of Madeira.

Whale hunting was prevalent in Porto Moniz after 1940 with the arrival of whalers from Açores. In Ribeira da Janela the "traiol" was built, where the whales were disassembled and processed. There are still several lookout points in Porto Moniz that were used to spot whales and that you can visit.

Since Porto Moniz extends from the sea to the mountains, it offers activities for everyone's tastes, ages and physical condition. If you enjoy adventure we have: canyoning, diving and bike and jeep rides through the countryside. We also have the famous Levada walks of great beauty and awe, such as Levada of Lamaceiros/Ribeira da Janela, of Moinho, of Cedros and of Rabaçal, among others.

In Porto Moniz city centre, you can enjoy the Living Science Centre and the Aquarium where you can enjoy the different species found in the seas of Madeira. We also have boat rides at your disposal with whale watching and sport fishing activities. It is also very common to see birdwatching enthusiasts around Porto Moniz watching for seabirds.

If you enjoy fantastic views and photography, don't miss out in Achadas da Cruz, descending with the Cable Car until the sea edge in a place of difficult access but amazing natural beauty.

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